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With over 30 Years of family experience in import wholesaling we specialise in Volume with an eye for product development.

The Turkish towel is not just merely a common towel that Australians love to take to the beach, the Turkish towel is all about the different colours and patterns.  The art of weaving a Turkish towels is as old as is the day is long and no doubt it is here to stay.  

We have carefully selected the traditional styles and colours that have remain timeless since inception. The Sultan, Nergis and Hereke are the champions of the Turkish towel and carry the legacy for over 300 years. The Inka, American and 2 Border are the styles that lead the way with colour combinations that have earnt there place in the collection.

Notwithstanding, the Elmas range of towels boldly stands out on its own as a true game changer.  Without a doubt the 450 gram Premium weight sets itself apart from all that has come before and how we will use towels forever more. When used as pair in the bathroom, the way we shower will never been the same. Simply reach for the first Towel and wrap around your waist then reach for the second and throw around your shoulders - the rest is intuitive.     

We at the The Original Turkish Towels believe that styles and colour combinations are what makes it so special. With endless colour combinations and possibilities what's not to love. The Cleopatra, Arco Iris, Kamil and Cerec have been developed in house by popular demand and unique to the development team. We have spent endless hours creating and sketching the new styles of tomorrow that ensure our retailers and customers will have something special for everyone.

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